ilene elliott

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Association of American Educators
International Association for Journal Writers
League of Vermont Writers

While ilene considered her mother to be nosy, she thinks of herself as having the more noble characteristic of curiosity. People and their motivations are her foremost fascination; the choices they make, the relationships they maintain, and the behaviors they engage in. A favorite adage is, “Think Outside the Box” and while her goal is to be adventurous and progressive, she thinks sometimes the walls of the box hold her in and confine her too much even though others have accused her of flattening walls that should have remained intact.

She is a natural born leader who loves to change lives by teaching, telling stories, and creating meaningful connections among people in order to facilitate growth and self-awareness. Solution-orientated as a woman who is a transformational catalyst, she believes that what people know from the inside out is the most powerful kind of knowing. Having an innate sense of the world’s suffering, ilene sees communication, connection and relationships as keys to empowerment. 
Discovering connections, continuous personal growth, and making sense of it all is the foundation of how she functions in the world. Her favorite things besides reading a really good book are having deep philosophical conversations and learning something new and sharing it with others. It is that desire to dig deep and understand the complexities of life that is at the heart of her business ie facilitation. Blending the love of the written word with the aspiration of being a life-long learner and teacher, ilene has developed a business to showcase her skills as an educator, author, facilitator, and consultant.

Here is what Markey Read, Principal Consultant of
Career Networks says about ilene,

"ilene is a remarkably insightful and thoughtful facilitator. Whether she is leading a group or assisting an individual, she gets to the heart of the matter with ease and humor. ilene sees through challenges and develops solutions in collaboration with others with compassion and determination. Most of all, ilene is committed to other's success, no matter how they define success."
A review from a past workshop participant.

"Taking ilene’s journaling course moved me from using journaling to regurgitate my day that I never wanted to return to – to using journaling for an exploration of who I am and how I process and grow. I return to reread the nuggets of insight and strength that I find within me. ilene uses varied techniques meant to draw out the truths under the surface where sometimes a surprise and sometimes reassurance of personal wisdom are lurking. The journaling techniques I learned in ilene’s classes in the 1990s I still use to this day – The goals I set for myself back then – I read them recently – are all done! I am delighted to have met what I then thought were dreams – and – now – it is time to revisit that lesson in journaling to work on this phase of life and dreams  - the skills I learned then are still applicable today. Thanks ilene, for your creative, inventive, brave and loving teachings"
Your friend always, Tania

ie facilitation offers support and validation through the use of transformational stories and experiences to those seeking to increase self-awareness and an enhanced quality of life.

ie facilitation provides

Workshops and retreats that use expressive writing and visualizations as tools to promote self-discovery and personal empowerment

Fiction and non-fiction stories with themes of conquering adversity with courage, determination and inner strength
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